6mm Moonstone with Amesthyst

6mm Moonstone with Amesthyst


108 x 6mm Moonstone beads paired with Amethyst gold plated bullet pendant.


Amethyst has the ability to attract spiritual energies and provide peace of mind. Connecting with our Higher nature is the first step toward healing.  Because it provides peace of mind, amethyst is a good stone to promote serene dreams.  Amethyst can also manifest pain relief and is a highly cleaning stone, removing energetic debris and allowing the chakra energy to flow.


Moonstone softens the ego, attracts harmony, and increases receptivity and awareness. It can bring emotional balance and flexibility. It is the emotional healer.

  • Crystal Intentions:

    Amethyst: Clarity, intuition, protection, cleansing, dreamwork

    Moonstone: Intuition, insight, dreamwork

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