Carnelian Mala

Carnelian Mala

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This fiery orange stone is thought to nourish the sexual organs and enhance overall sexual health. It promotes creativity, motivation, courage, willpower and self-confidence. Carnelian is a grounding element, focusing the wearer’s energy and attention in the present. It is also considered an aid to detoxing from drugs and alcohol.


This carnelian mala has a strong cotton cord running through it. It is not individually hand knotted between each bead. A mala is the most ancient form of a rosary, used to count the repetitions of a mantra, a prayer, as the spiritual self is trained. Stone beads are used to combine the powers of the stones with the meditation. The cord running through the beads symbolizes the thread of Life.


This stunning Carnelian mala comes gift wrapped in tissue paper and an organza bag.  Purchase the mala as a gift for yourself, or for someone you love.


There are no claims that crystals have any special powers.  Crystals can help amplify spirituality and connection with self during meditation.  But for any medical conditions, please consult your physician.


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