Chakra Yoga Mat

Chakra Yoga Mat


* Light-tack, non-slip surface

* Cushions your body through every move

* Lightweight 

* Does not contain the 6 most harmful phthalates

* Latex-free

* 610mm (wide) x 1727mm (long) x 3mm (thick)


Feel grounded in your yoga or meditation practice with our stable, non-slip Chakra Mat. Easy on your body and on the planet, this newly designed energy-inspired essential is not only latex-free, it does not contain six of the most harmful phthalates.


Representing the seven energy centers that run from the base of your spine to the crown of your head, our one-of-a-kind colorful mat is a helpful reminder to keep your mind, body and spirit in alignment. Extremely durable with a light-tack surface.


Perfect for home or studio use. 

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