Emerald Rough

Emerald Rough


Emerald can be used for reviving passion, for an interest, a person, job, or whatever your needs are. Emerald calms the emotions while igniting thought and reflection. Emerald can help manifest your artistic creativity, and can bring focus and intensity to your lifework.


Emerald manifests calm, creativity, focus, intensity, love & passion!


These larger crystals make for a great display on a meditation alter, or general decoration to improve the balance and wellbeing of your home.



Approx 85mm long x 55mm wide x 65mm high

sizes vary


  • Stone Variations

    Crystals are natural stones, which may include markings, patterns, inclusions (marks inside and out) the product may vary slightly due to the uniqueness of each piece.

Perhaps there is a matching product, looking for your attention

crystal jewellery and kundalini yoga

Auckland, New Zealand

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