Invincible Living

Invincible Living


Guru Jagat-the charismatic, wise, yet irreverent teacher at the heart of the new yoga movement-will upend everything you think you know about yoga. In this fresh guide to an ancient technology, Guru Jagat reveals how the simple, super-effective technologies of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation will upgrade your body's operating system and reset your life. In Invincible Living, Guru Jagat brings to the page the same straightforward, hilarious, and deeply wise style that has made her a beloved teacher to show how these ancient techniques are the perfect complement to the digital age-getting you off the mat, out of the studio, and into a healthier, happier, invincible life. A candid and encouraging guide, Invincible Living offers powerful, practical tools for both inner and outer transformation. From beauty and self-care to work and relationships, Invincible Living is packed with exercises, tips, and step-by-step instructions-all fully photographed and illustrated in Guru Jagat's one-of-a-kind aesthetic-that empower readers to: * Learn yogic beauty secrets * Slow the aging process * Jump-start metabolism * Boost mood and elevate energy * Reduce stress and anxiety * Increase creativity and mental clarity Forget about complex poses, spendy outfits, and having a bendy back-Kundalini Yoga is not yoga as usual. Instead, it for-goes complex poses for quick, effective, breath-driven exercises; short meditations; and simple poses-powerful, energy-boosting techniques that can be done by anyone, anywhere: at your desk, in your car, in a classroom or conference room, even in line at the grocery store. You don't even need a mat: just a quiet space to clear your head, and as little as a minute out of your day. A fresh take on ancient wisdom, Invincible Living is a must-have guide for anyone who wants simple, effective tools for a supercharged life-as taught by a uniquely compelling teacher who upends all preconceptions about yoga.

  • About the author

    GURU JAGAT is one of the youngest senior Kundalini Yoga teachers in the world and the face of the new Kundalini movement. She is the founder of RA MA Institute for Applied Yogic Science and Technology, a yogic institute with locations in Venice, California, and Palma de Mallorca, Spain. She is also the founder of RA MA TV, the "Netflix" of Kundalini Yoga, and the record label RA MA Rec-ords. She lives in Los Angeles.

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