Lapis Lazuli Wrist Mala

Lapis Lazuli Wrist Mala


108 Lapis Lazuli, 8mm beads, paired with vermeil gold spacers and black agate crystal bullet charm.


Lapis Lazuli unlocks spiritual enlightenment, starting with the self.  Lapis Lazuli helps you go deep within to awaken our true destiny and divine purpose.  Shining a light on the soul and its innate ability to heal.  colour of water, the life-giving element of the planet, Lapis Lazuli represents the many shades of blue, the colour of self-expression and awareness.


Third Eye or Anja Chakra, located between and just above the eyes, in the center of the brows. The third-eye chakra is associated with the mind, ideas, thoughts, dreams, intuition and psychic abilities. It is centred upon intuition and intellect. It is also the center of imagination and balance. When the intuition chakra is balanced, one feels strong intuition, a connection to your true self.


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crystal jewellery and kundalini yoga

Auckland, New Zealand

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