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6mm Obsidian with 12mm Lapis Lazuli coin shaped beads framing a lotus charm.

Obsidian is known for its stabilising and grounding effects, making it an excellent crystal for reigning in scattered energies. If you feel like you are spread too thin, hold an obisidian crystal in each hand and feel it restoring harmony to your root chakra, the energy center that anchors you to the earth. Armed with the power of now, take on the day with confidence when you wear Obsidian stone jewelry, a stylish way to have a constant flow of its tough and resilient energy.

Lapis Lazuli unlocks spiritual enlightenment, starting with the self. Lapis Lazuli helps you go deep within to awaken our true destiny and divine purpose. Shining a light on the soul and its innate ability to heal. color of water, the life-giving element of the planet, Lapis Lazuli crystal represents the many shades of blue, the color of self-expression and awareness.

The lotus flower grows in muddy water, and overcomes adversity, blooming above the muck to achieve enlightenment.  The lotus flower charm represents new beginnings and the ability to rise above any obstacles you encounter on your journey.

Obsidian & Lapis Lazuli stretch bracelet

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  • 160mm in stock, no additional cost.

    150mm, 170mm & custom sizes have an increased price, as they are made to order.

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