Resilient ME™ Gratitude Journal

Resilient ME™ Gratitude Journal


The Resilient ME™ guided journal not only teaches you how to get the most out of your gratitude practice, but also provides many tools and techniques, based on the best psychological research, to help you build resilience, and to remain calm in the face of adversity.


♥ Challenge negative thought patterns
♥ Focus on your strengths
♥ How to set goals
♥ How to manage emotions
♥ How to create meaningful connections
♥ Mindfulness colouring pages
♥ Happiness scale for mood recaps to spot patterns
♥ Maintaining health habits – sleep, nutrition, movement
♥ Breathing and meditation techniques


Free intention crystal with each gratitude journal purchased.  Two cover types to choose from, select below.



Gratitude Journal
Crystal type
  • Additional Information

    Weight .3 kg
    Dimensions 210 × 148 × 17 cm
  • Benefits:

    This hardcover A5 gratitude journal is also a wellness guide, with 192 pages filled to the brim with tips on happiness and self care, inspirational words, personal challenges, prompts for living a kinder life, mindfulness exercises, such as beautiful hand drawn colouring pages, meditation techniques and more.

    There is a happiness scale which you can colour in each day, so you can see over time just how happy you are.

    By starting your day with gratitude you are aligning yourself into a positive flow of energy. This positive flow will attract more positive energy into your life.  By focusing on all that you should be grateful for, you are being mindful of looking for the good in every situation thereby increasing your levels of happiness


    This journal comes with a free tumbled crystal of your choosing to add to the gratitude process. 


  • Free!

    Purchase one Gratitude journal and you will recieve a free tumbled crystal based on your intentions.  During your selection process each crystal has a one word description of each crystals manfesting capabilities.


    You can add additional tumbled crystals by following this link

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