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The style of Kundalini Yoga teacher training I attended was divided into 3 weeks, with 6 - 9 months between each week-long session.  In between each week long gathering, we were given continuous 90 day meditations - which was a struggle when juggling full time work, a part-time degree, husband, household and aging parents.  During the meditation sessions I was often "disappointed" that I wasn't gifted amazing visualisations that others would describe.  It felt like it was just me, sitting meditating, with brain activating at full speed - is that really meditating....?? 


Apparently YES!  Because Strength Within manifested after week 2!


So, week 2 arrives, about 6 months since the first week-long gathering.  I'm exhausted from running around the North Island trying to keep my parents safe during a difficult transition, and I'm gutted I couldn't quiet that voice during meditation.  Then BAM!  My mind doesn't quiet, but it stops fighting, I suddenly realised I'm trying to control the uncontrollable, and that if I just let go, it will be all right.


Week 3 of Kundalini Yoga teacher training arrived, and I was still exhausted, still worrying about parents, degree, work, family, still sitting meditating daily but during that 9-month transition between week 2 and week 3 gatherings, Strength Within began. 


The pieces are created with love, listening and chanting mantras which allows the manifesting and transformative energy to flow into each piece.  As the collection grows, I'm adding more ethically sourced products.  I would love for you to join me on this journey as the business unfolds.

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