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7 Chakra crystal set

25mm x 25mm

7 pieces in the set

Mix of natural and manmade crystals to balance the chakras


root Chakra                          

base of spinesecurity/grounding

Sacral Chakra




solar plexus

behind the


courage/honour/responsibility to others

heart Chakra

centre of chestlive life from the heart/healing

throat Chakra

just above

the collarbone

promotes truth/communication/honest living

third eye Chakra


above the eyebrow intuition/guidance/self-realisation/self mastery
crown Chakra

top of the


energy distribution/creating spirituality/energy/intelligence and deep though


Chakra crystal palm stone set

  • We recommend that crystals be arranged into a meditation "altar" to inspire you creatively, perhaps express gratitude, or maybe you need to send healing vibes to someone. 

    When creating your altar it is important to create a sacred space that reflects the energy of your yoga or meditation practice.  You can change it up, perhaps your intention changes, perhaps you need a new focus, use your crystal arrangements to fire that drive for fresh inspiration.

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