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Lotus Balanced Wisdom Stretch Bracelet unites Blue Aventurine and Blue Sandstone, connected with 2 lotus buddha charms.


Blue Aventurine represents Chakra Healing and Balancing Energy. Blue Aventurine resonates with the upper chakras, from the mind to the heart, and is especially stimulating to the Third Eye and Throat Chakras.  The dark blue/purple crystals of indigo are used to treat imbalances of the Brow Chakra.


Blue Sandstone is a powerful energy generator and is a very lucky gemstone. It is known as the stone of wisdom. Use Blue Sandstone crystal to alleviate fear of the dark for your children.  


The lotus flower grows in muddy water, and overcomes adversity, blooming above the muck to achieve enlightenment.  The lotus flower charm represents new beginnings and the ability to rise above any obstacles you encounter on your journey.

Blue Aventurine and Black Agate Stretch Bracelet


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