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Pendant of Love Knotted Mala - (MTO = made to order)


8mm Sandalwood paired with 8mm and 10mm Rose Quartz, the pendant opens up to reveal tiny Rose Quartz nuggets of love.


Rose quartz is the love stone. It opens the heart, increases self-acceptance and the ability to love others. It soothes heartaches and brings peace, compassion and kindness. It relieves childhood trauma and guilt, and eases transitions.


Sandalwood stimulates the base Chakra enhancing trust and self-identity. Sandalwood can promote energy and enthusiasm; increasing your zest for life.  The scent of Sandalwood is also beneficial to promote a relaxed state.

Rose Quartz and Sandalwood Mala

  • Rose Quartz: Love, calm, creativity

    Sandalwood: Zest for life

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