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4mm Sandalwood paired with 6mm Turquoise crystal bracelet.


Turquoise is a powerful stone that helps individuals find their truth and achieve wholeness, while also facilitating effective communication and manifestation of these qualities. It is particularly beneficial in stimulating and harmonizing the Throat Chakra, which assists in expressing one's deepest wisdom with ease and clarity. For those who are hesitant to share their thoughts and ideas, turquoise provides a boost of confidence and encourages them to contribute to the collective knowledge. 


Furthermore, Turquoise has strong grounding properties, which helps prevent individuals from losing contact with their conscious mind during deep meditation practices. It also offers protection and strength during vision quests and astral travel. Due to its high spiritual energy, turquoise is an excellent aid in improving meditation and promoting peace of mind.


Sandalwood stimulates the base Chakra enhancing trust and self-identity. Sandalwood can promote energy and enthusiasm; increasing your zest for life.  The scent of Sandalwood is also beneficial to promote a relaxed state.



Sandalwood and Turquoise crystal bracelet

  • Turquoise: protection, strength, communication, manifestation

    Sandalwood: zest for life

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