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Sandalwood, Clear Quartz & Blue Lace Agate Crystal Bracelet

This beautiful bracelet is perfect for meditation or as a fashionable accessory and makes a great gift for someone special, you can even pair it with the matching Knotted Mala.


8mm Sandalwood paired with 8mm Clear Quartz and 8mm Blue Lace Agate with 4mm silver plate Hematite accents. 


Clear quartz is a power stone which helps with concentration and increases awareness, inspiration and creativity. Clear Quartz purifies the spiritual, mental, and physical planes, bringing an aura of protection.  Known as the master healer, it has the power to regulate energy.


Blue lace agate allows you to breathe a little deeper and calm your mind, body and soul. In a world of constant noise, pressure and stress, Blue lace agate applies a calming influence over your daily wellness journey. 


Sandalwood stimulates the base Chakra enhancing trust and self-identity. Sandalwood can promote energy and enthusiasm; increasing your zest for life.  The scent of Sandalwood is also beneficial to promote a relaxed state.

Sandalwood, Clear Quartz & Blue Lace Agate Crystal Bracelet

  • Clear Quartz: Balance, clarity, focus and manifestation,

    Blue Lace Agate: Calming

    Sandalwood: Zest for life

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