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Clear quartz is a power stone.  Helps with concentration and increases awareness, inspiration and creativity. Purifies the spiritual, mental, and physical plans, bringing an aura of protection.  Known as the master healer, it has the power to regulate energy.


Carved Standing Crystal Points are often cut into pointed shapes to amplify energy and intentions and can raise the vibration.  Place them on your altar or any sacred space.  Standing Crystal Points are good for gridding the corners of a room or your home. They also make excellent crystals for the central stone in any crystal grid.


This Obisidian Tower is approx 70mm tall by 17mm wide


The amethyst shown in the picture is for display purposes only.

Clear Quartz Tower

  • The stones size, color and shape can vary slightly, since gemstones are created naturally, and each one is unique. Please expect variations

    The stones are high quality and have been cleansed with Moon energy and Mantra

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