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Natural semi-precious stone necklaces.  Each with a unique connection to your higher self through Crown Chakra balancing.


White Agate

White Agate  gently resonates with the Crown Chakra due to its purity, but can also be called upon for the body's other minor and major energy centres to bring harmony and correct over-stimulation.


Crown Chakra

Crown Chakra or Sahasrara Chakra is located at the crown of the head and is our universal connection to beauty and spirituality. It is associated with spirituality, divine wisdom, enlightening, connection to the universe, imagination, awareness, and optimism. It is the center of connecting to something greater than yourself, and expressing wisdom and enlightenment. When the crown chakra is balanced, you feel strong, unclouded and joy for life.





White Agate Crown Chakra Necklace

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