Crystal Pendulum

Crystal Pendulum


Crystal pendulums are tools that can be used to communicate with your soul, your spirit guides, or whoever you feel is surrounding you, giving you divine guidance.


Howlite can aid in calming and relieving rage by absorbing your anger or any anger directed at you from others.  As it is a calming stone, used as a pendulum, you can ask questions to help relieve fear of the future.  Howlite can aid with insomnia caused by an overactive mind and help to overcome criticalness and selfishness.


Unakite Jasper is associated with the Heart Chakra, located near the centre of the chest.  When the Heart Chakra is out of balance we may feel either controlling or controlled, becoming critical of others. We may experience strong emotional responses to everyday situations. Green and pink crystal energies are used to resolve blockages and to re-balance the Heart Chakra, helping us to more clearly understand our own needs and emotions.  We can deal with the ebbs and flows of emotional relationships, understand their cyclic nature, and accept the changes.


Sodalite aids in developing intuition as it stimulates the Third Eye and Throat Chakras stone bringing energy into your life.  When doing pendumlum work, Sodalite is excellent at developing psychic gifts, accelerating the process.  Sodalight vibrates truth, helping you to understand your life and how you came to be in the situation you are in.  This stone enhances your ability to live a more authentic life.


Amazonite is known as the stone of courage and truth.  Empowering your truth and integrity to move beyond judgement or fear of confrontation with others.  Amazonite create space so you can live in alignment with your beliefs and values.  


Clear Quartz is a power stone. Helps with concentration and increases awareness, inspiration and creativity. Purifies the spiritual, mental, and physical plans, bringing an aura of protection. Known as the master healer, it has the power to regulate energy.


Green Aventurine is the great healer of the heart chakra, clearing blockages of energy from this chakra, regulating your ability to communicate and form emotional bonds with others.


Rose quartz is the love stone. It opens the heart, increases self-acceptance and the ability to love others. It soothes heartaches and brings peace, compassion and kindness. It relieves childhood trauma and guilt and eases transitions.


Orange Calcite Stone is associated with the sacral chakra which gets positive energy moving.  Orange Calcite has strong energizing and cleansing properties.  This pendulum is ideal for those looking for new, innovative ideas or solutions to problems and encourages playfulness, lightheartedness and confidence. 


Mahogany Obsidian connects to your Root and Sacral Chakras, allowing cleansing and purification so you can release negative patterns and energies disrupting your creative energy.   Mahagony Obsidian will keep you safe and grounded, and help attune you to protective energies whenever required.  Mahogany-Obsidian is also known as the stone of strength building your strength when needed.                                                                                                                                                                                              Bronzite is a protective stone associated with self-confidence and infusing the spirit with the courage to follow through. Bronzite is the stone for you if you are feeling overwhelmed by life and powerless to change it.  Bronzite crystal gives you courage and confidence, allowing you to take life in your stride. 


Shungite can aid in protecting you from electromagnetic radiation given off by electrical equipment, including computers, mobile phones, microwaves and televisions.  Shungite has healing properties for people sensitive to man-made electrical devices.  This stone embodies the ability to make a connection to the earth, providing grounding and stability.


Leopardskin Jasper is associated with strength and vitality, bringing stability to those experiencing chaotic energies. Leopardskin Jasper can attract harmonious vibrations, which correspond to your direct needs, but not necessarily desires. 





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