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This crystal kit is the "I am Loved" healing kit and has  5 Semi-precious natural tumbled or rough stones ranging in size. As crystals are natural formations, the stone's size, colour, and shape can vary slightly since gemstones are created naturally, and each one is unique. Please expect variations.


The stones are high quality and have been cleansed with Moon energy and Mantra


Garnet - for healing, strengthening relationships and promoting passion and strong love or romantic connection. 

Moonstone - stabilises moods, balances hormones and boosts feminine energy.

Black Obsidian - cleanses negative energy from one's auric field and environment.

Amethyst - calms an overactive mind and provides relief from anxiety.

Rose Quartz - promotes love in all forms and healing of the heart.

Aventurine - activates the heart chakra, promotes healing of the heart, attracts good luck and love. 


While there is no scientific evidence to support metaphysical crystal claims. However, many people find comfort and support in using crystals as a tool for spiritual and emotional healing.


I am loved crystal kit

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