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This is a Party Pack for DIY stretch bracelets. The pack includes all the beads and stretch cord you need to make approx 6 bracelets. 


The pack includes:


Round Pearl Beads: about 6mm, hole: 2mm, about 65pcs;

Round Acrylic Beads: about 8x7.5mm, hole: 2mm, 2colors, about 30pcs/color, 60pcs;

Round Acrylic Beads: about 8mm, hole: 1.5mm, about 25pcs;

Round Acrylic Beads: about 8x7mm, hole: 2mm, about 28pcs;

Round Acrylic Beads: about 10mm, hole: 2mm, about 12pcs;

Round Opaque Acrylic Beads: about 10x9mm, hole: 2mm, about 11pcs;

Candy Acrylic Beads: about 9x17x8.5mm, hole: 2mm, about 12pcs;

Rabbit Acrylic Beads: about 15.5x12x10mm, hole: 2mm, about 6pcs;

Iron Rhinestone Spacer Beads: about 6x3mm, hole: 2mm, 20pcs;


Alloy Enamel Charms:

Flower: about 14x12x2mm, hole: 1.6mm, 1pc;

Heart: about 12x10x2mm, hole: 2mm, 1pc;

Carrot: about 16x5x1.5mm, hole: 1.5mm, 1pc;

Whale Tail Shape: about 15x17.5x3mm, hole: 1.6mm, 1pc;

Flower: about 24.5x14.5x1.5mm, hole: 2mm, 1pc;

Flower: about 13x11.5x3mm, hole: 1.6mm, 1pc;


Elastic crystal stretch thread: about 0.8mm, about 10m / roll, 1roll

Green DIY party pack stretch bracelet

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  • These beads are acrylic and enamel, not semi-precious crystals. The pack is so you or your children can experience the joy of affordably creating your own stretch bracelets.

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