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The Little Book of Yoga is an inspiring introduction to everything you need to enhance your life using Yoga. Whether you're new to the practice or have been mastering flows for longer, this portable guide reinforces the tenants of the physical, mental and spiritual practices that yoga embodies. Containing all of the information you need, The Little Book of Yoga outlines the different kinds of yoga, the benefits derived from practising and busting the silly myths that surround it. Distilled in bite-size, digestible sections, you can expect to learn how to achieve mobility and to improve the body's ability to cope with common ailments through this form of exercise, as well as how this regime can lead to spiritual development and enlightenment.

Author Biography:

Fiona Channon is a qualified yoga instructor who has been practising yoga for twenty years. She has run yoga retreats in Lesbos, Greece for the past two years, which included a course of Tibetan Singing Bowls, which she is also qualified to teach. She is based in Surrey, UK where she runs art and healing sessions at the Royal Surrey Hospital, when she's not working as a professional singer, songwriter and making her own art. She will shortly be showing her second exhibition of her paintings in a gallery in Surrey.

The Little Book of Yoga


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