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A Profile on Chakras

Updated: Dec 16, 2018

There are seven spinning wheels of concentrated energy within the body, called Chakras. Chakra is a Sanskrit term meaning “wheel” or “disk” and is derived from the root word “cakra”. These seven energy centres correspond to areas of the endocrine system which is the chemical messenger pathway consisting of glands that secrete hormones into the circulatory system aiding to regulate organs and moderate hormone release to keep us stable.

Energy blockages could lead to illness, and its important to understand what each energy centre represents to ensure your energy flows freely. Each Chakra vibrates at its own frequency, with corresponding colours that govern functions that help make you healthy, happy and holy (the 3 H's of Kundalini Yoga).

The eighth Chakra is the Aura, and relates to the electromagnetic field surrounding you.

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First (Root) Chakra

Basic trust, security, survival, habit, self-acceptance, I am

Location: The end of the spine between the anus and the sexual organs

Element: Earth

Gland: Elimination

Colour: Red

Qualities: Grounded, centred, secure, loyal, stable, healthy functions of elimination

Shadow: fear, insecurity, feelings of burden and not belonging

Helpful Kundalini Yoga Poses: Crow Pose, Body drops, Frog Pose, Mulbhandh, Front Stretches, lying on stomach with feet kicking buttocks.

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Second (Sacral) Chakra

To feel desire, to create, I feel

Location: The sexual organs

Element: Water

Gland: Sexual glands, reproductive glands, kidneys, bladder

Colour: Orange

Qualities: Positive, relaxed attitude to sexual function, patience, creativity, responsible relationships

Shadow: Rigid emotions, frigidity, guilt, no boundaries, irresponsible relationships, problems with kidneys

Helpful Kundalini Yoga Poses: Frog Pose, Cobra Pose, Butterfly, Sat Kriya, Cat-Cow, Maha Mudra, Pelvic Lifts

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Third (Solar Plexus) Chakra

The will of the spiritual warrior, l do

Location: Area above the Navel Point, Solar Plexus

Element: Fire

Gland: Navel plexus, liver, gall bladder, spleen, digestive organs, pancreas, adrenals

Colour: Yellow

Qualities: The centre of personal power and commitment, self-esteem, identity and judgement. The foundations for inner strength and balance, inspiration and good health

Shadow: Anger, greed, shame and despair. Obstacles everywhere and not enough spontaneity. Conforming in order to be recognised. Refuting your own wishes and emotions. Problems with digestion, liver, gall bladder and pancreas.

Helpful Kundalini Yoga Pose: Stretch Pose, Sat Kriya, Peacock Pose, Bow Pose, Fish Pose, Diaphragm Lock, Breath of Fire. All exercises that train the abdominal muscles

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Fourth (Heart) Chakra

Love and Awakening, from "me to we",

I love

Location: The middle of the chest on the breast bone at the level of the nipples

Element: Air

Gland: Heart, lungs, thymus gland

Colour: Green

Qualities: Compassion, kindness, forgiveness, service, love. Recognising and understanding these qualities in yourself and in others.

Shadow: Grief, attachment, closed to surroundings. Easily hurt and dependent on love and affection from others. Fear of rejection.

Helpful Kundalini Yoga Pose: Ego Eradicator, Yoga Mudra, Bear Grip, Baby Pose. All arm exercises, all Pranayam, and exercises which twist the upper torso.

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Fifth (Throat) Chakra

Hearing and speaking the truth, the teacher. I speak

Location: The throat

Element: Ether

Gland: Trachea, throat, cervical vertebrae, thyroid

Colour: Light blue

Qualities: The center for truth, language, knowledge and the ability to communicate effectively. Authenticity, healthy self-expression and interactions. Inspiring, teaching and embodying God's Will.

Shadow: Lethargy, weakness in expressive and descriptive abilities, shyness, voice problems, insecurity, fear of others opinions and judgements. Throat, neck and thyroid problems.

Helpful Kundalini Yoga Pose: All Chanting, Shoulder Stand, Cobra Pose, Plow Pose, Camel Pose, Cat-Cow, Neck Rolls, Neck Lock and Nose to knees.

Sixth (Third Eye) Chakra

The union of opposites. I see

Location: Between the eyebrows

Element: -

Gland: Brain, pituitary gland

Colour: Indigo

Qualities: Centre of intuition, clairvoyance, visualising, fantasizing, concentration and determination. Self-intuition, power of projection and understanding your purpose.

Shadow: Confusion, depression, rejection of spirituality, over-intellualizing

Helpful Kundalini Yoga Pose: Meditating on Third Eye, Long Chant, Kirtan Kriya, Archer Pose, Whistle Breath, Yoga Mudra. All exercises where the forehead rests on the floor

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Seventh (Crown) Chakra

Trancendence. The tenth gate.

I understand

Location: Crown of the head

Element: -

Gland: Brain, pineal gland

Colour: Violet

Qualities: The seat of the soul, connection to the highest self. Enlightenment, unity and Elevation. Relationship to the unknown.

Shadow: Grief. The feeling of being separated from existence and from abundance. Fear of death.

Helpful Kundalini Yoga Pose: Ego Eradicator, Mahabandha, Sat Kriya. Concentrating on the tip of the nose. All meditation.

Eight (Auric) Chakra

Location: The electromagnetic field

Element: -

Gland: -

Colour: White

Qualities: The aura combines the effects of all the chakras and constitutes their total projection. The aura projects and protects.

Shadow: Shy, withdrawn and vulnerable

Helpful Kundalini Yoga Pose: Triangle Pose, Ego Eradicator, Archer Pose. All arm exercises. All Meditation.

Seven spinning energy centres, known as "Chakras"

As taught in the Aquarian Techer KRI International, Level One Instructor text book

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