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Body Energetics

Updated: Feb 5, 2019

The universe is based on the fundamental understanding that everything that exists holds energy of some form. Humans create a great deal of energy throughout our existence and this creation of energy can lead to imbalance and a loss of our sense of equilibrium. This imbalance in our energies can lead to "dis-ease" and disharmony.

Eastern cultures have known of the existence of special energies for thousand of centuries. In China this energy is "qi" or "chi" in Japan "ki", and in India "prana". The more we can learn about these special energies the better you will be able to access what you need to remain balanced in your daily life.

Sun and balanced energy
Energy comes from within you

Western & Eastern Concepts

Western medicine gave us the belief that the expansion of medical science would make the world a better place. But the opposite could be true if you consider the increase in world poverty, and the proliferation of certain cancers and other life altering diseases such as asthma and eczema.

Modern medicine tells us that the illness are caused by bacteria, viruses and fungi. Eastern medicine looks at illness in a different way, and considers illness as your bodies way of telling you, you are doing something "wrong". Which means, if you find out what you are doing "wrong" and correct it your body will no longer manifest illness.

Experiment to Experience Energy

Eastern philosophy considers that energy is controlled by the mind, so every thought is energy. If you harness those thoughts, you can control your destiny.

To experience this energy try this experiment:

1. Stand 1m away from a wall

2. Have a friend stand next to you, on your right hand side

3. Bend your right below and point your forearm and wrist toward the wall and make a fist

4. Get your friend to place his/her left hand on your elbow and their right hand on your wrist

5. Get your partner to try to force your hand up towards your shoulder while you resist

6. If you are evenly match strength wise, you will probably lose

7. Try this experiment again, but open your fist, point your fingers toward the wall and imagine white light shooting from your fingertips and hitting the wall

8. Don't use muscle power to resist, keep thinking of the white light shooting from your fingertips

9. Get your friend to try to move your wrist toward your shoulder again, it should be easier for you to resist.

Did you notice the white light shooting from your fingertips controlled your energy and you could resist the force of your friends upward energy easier?

There are many other experiments relating to energy that you could try with either your friends, or just by yourself.

Another Experiment

If you are doing this solo, here is a nice one person experiment:

1. Sit cross legged with your eyes closed

2. Rub your hands vigourously together like you are trying to warm them up

3. Keeping your eyes closed place your hands parallel, with the palms facing each other like you are holding a small ball.

4. Can you feel the energy?

5. Play with the ball of energy, expanding and contracting it and sensing any sensations

Don't worry if the energy isn't yet coming to you, its there, you just have to become attuned to it. Continue to sit and play with that energy and notice just how powerful you are.

Learning to see Auras

You don't have to be psychic to see auras, you can too with concentration, practice and a willingness to tune into universal energy. Using low-light receptors in your peripheral vision, Auras can be perceived as low-light images. The following experiment can be used to start to see Auras:

1. Using a low-light room, and a dark, plain piece of cloth, table or wall

2. Place your hand a about 50mm above the cloth with your fingers spread wide

3. Take a few minutes to relax, breath deep and "tune in", focusing your mind on the idea you want to see Auras.

4. Stare at your hand with a relaxed unfocused stare and try not to let your eyes focus on a specific point; take in the whole picture

5. Keep your focus relaxed, and bring your mind's attention to the area between your fingers. If you keep your eyes unfocused, and your mind relax and on the idea of Aura's you will begin to see a hazy glow around the fingers.

6. Bring the other hand into the field of vision and see if you can perceive the energy between your hands (like the experiment you did above)

7. Place your open palms facing each other about 50mm apart and see if you can perceive strands of energy connecting your fingers. This energy could move and bend as you move your hands. Expand and contract your hands, and watch the energy move.

Healing Energy, draining Emotions

Throughout our lives we come into contact with many different energies, some are good for us, some are not and can imbalance us. Emotions such as fear, worry, depression and anger manifest imbalance within us.

Fear buster
Eat fresh fruit and vegetables


Fear is strongly linked to the kidneys. The more grounded you are, the less you will be troubled by fear. Eat natural foods and lots of root vegetables. Develop more power within by gently stretching yourself by setting tasks of increasing challenge.


Depression is linked to the heart. Seek environments that are uplifting, share love, and be around nature. Eat healthily and get plenty of sleep. Comfort eating never provides long terms solutions, the solution to energy issues is always within you.

Worry and Anxiety from feeling like you don't have "enough"

Worry and anxiety

Worry and anxiety is linked to the lungs and thyroid gland. Worry stems from a sense of not having enough resources to cope with certain situations (resources could be not enough money). Whatever resource you feel you are lacking, the only way you can find it is by continuing to search and learn from all experiences. Live in the present and try to learn from

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