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Crystal Pendulums

Updated: Mar 31, 2019

Crystal Pendulums are tools that can be used to communicate with your soul, your spirit guides, or whoever you feel is surrounding you, giving you divine guidance.

Spiritual Pro

There are many different types of crystal pendulums, but if you are already connected to your higher self, and have been working on your spiritual growth or psychic gifts, pendulums will aid your growth.

Spiritual Novice

If you are new to experimenting with connecting to your spiritual self, then pendulums can help make a believer even out of skeptics! Pendulums work, regardless of your spiritual experience, and the more you work with your gifts, the stronger your vibration will get.

Using your Pendulum

1. Set your mind to the task: You don't have to start with a meditation practice, but it can help to clear the clutter from your mind. Listening to relaxing music may help you concentrate on the task at hand

2. Hold the pendulum: Some pendulums have rings on the end, some have a small crystal to hold, these can be beneficial to ensure your hand is an appropriate distance away from the weighted crystal pendulum.

3. Position the pendulum: Start small, by dangling the pendulum above your non-dominant hand. Let the pendulum settle, and try to hold your hand steady.

4. Ask your pendulum to calibrate answers: Asking your pendulum to show you the answer for yes & no, is a great starting point for those who are beginning their spiritual journey. It can be quite surreal when saying to your pendulum "show me the answer for NO", and the pendulum goes from a complete stop, into a particular motion or direction.

Then you ask, "show me the answer for YES", and the pendulum may slow down, stop, and then change direction - its AWESOME!

If your are more advanced spiritually, you might like to TELL your pendulum what motion you want for YES and NO. But no matter which option you choose, continue to experiment with the pendulum to become accustomed to that particular crystals vibration.

5. Begin asking your questions: Be specific with your questions, ensuring they are yes or no questions. Work on the process, engage frequently with your pendulum, and begin to experience the wonder that is your higher self, your true self and your spirit guides. Don't rush the process, be kind to yourself, and grow your spiritual connection.

6. Different crystals, different frequencies: Each crystal pendulum, and each crystal option will work differently for different people. If you are able to, you could experiment with different crystal types.

7. Example answers / directions: When looking at the palm of your hand -

- finger tips to base of palm (front to back)

- thumb to little finger (side to side)

- circular in a clockwise direction

- circular in an anti-clockwise direction

Through learning to use crystal pendulums, I found a connection to my truth that I had never trusted previously. I felt more accepting of decisions I made after connecting with the answers in the pendulum. I even experimented with TRUE NON-BELIEVERS because I could not believe what I was seeing when I first picked up the pendulum.

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