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Empowerment with Kundalini Yoga

Updated: Jun 4, 2022

Do you ever feel like you are in a washing machine of uncontrollable emotions and reactions? One day you wake up, feeling like you could conquer the day (and your life) and the next day you wake up feeling unsure, insecure, and unable to control your reactions to the world around you.

You are not alone, and you aren't going crazy. Kundalini Yoga teachings provides a technology to support the natural fluctuations. These fluctuations are explained using ancient yogic teachings on the Eleven Moon Centers of Woman.

Your moon centers are connected to your intuition, sensitivity, creativity,  sexuality and ability to manifest. A man has one moon center, women have eleven. The eleven Moon Centers are sensitive physical areas on a woman’s body which are responsive to lunar energies and affect how you deal with everyday life.

These centers activate in your body in a 28-day cycle, for 2 ½ days at each location in the body. The sequence varies for each woman, and it remains constant in you, unless there is an emotional shock. If you are sensitive to your body and emotional fluctuations, you can become aware and then predict your Moon Center cycle. Emotions fluctuate as the Moon Centers change.

The Moon Centers

Arcline: When your hairline or arcline Moon Center is activated, you rock, and are at your peak. You feel outgoing, centered, authoritative, sensitive, all knowing, and neutral in your communication, closest to your truth. You feel confident and self-assured. Things seem to flow and fall into place perfectly.

Best course of action: This is a good time for anything, especially making important decisions, doing presentations, and working out relationships. Too bad it’s for only 2-1/2 days. But if you track the cycle and know when these days are due, you can make the best of them.

Navel Center: When the Moon Center in the navel or corresponding spot on the back of the spine is activated, security is the issue. If your Navel Center is weak, you will be insecure and very vulnerable to criticism. If your Navel Center is overly strong, you could be intimidating, alienating, or aggressive.

Best course of action: Strengthen your Navel Center with Sat Kriya or Breath of Fire. It is also a good time to keep a diary, chant loudly for 31 minutes, go to a funny movie, or take silence. You may be sorry if you have a serious discussion during this time.

Thighs: When the Moon Center is in the lower organs or the thighs, you will be confirming, productive, and have high energy levels. All of the details which may slip during the rest of the month seem like they have to be done, almost obsessively.

Best course action: Make lists of all the projects you dreamed about during the month and work on them, you may not be happy until they are all completed.

Ear lobes: This Moon Center makes you analytical. You want to discuss values and what is important to you. You need to be careful, as you may be over critical of both yourself and others.

Best course of action: It's a good time to work on a cause or discuss what values you want to employ at work or at home. It is not a good time to make final decisions.

Clitoris: When the Moon Center is in the clitoris, a woman is charming, talkative, sociable, and outgoing. You need to watch out for being cliquish by keeping your efforts inclusive and for the good of the whole.

Best course of action: This is a great time to wear a new dress, make new friends, network, make sales, or go to a meeting—anything in a social setting. It is not a good time to balance your checkbook or figure out what is wrong in relationships at home or the workplace.

Vagina: When the Moon Center is in the vagina, you may have the tendency to be social, but it will have a deeper quality to it. You will want to connect in a more intimate way, perhaps with a small group of people or with one other person. Some women don’t want to be social at all. You may have feelings of emptiness and want to be alone.

Best course of action: It is a good time to meditate, go within, and feel the Shuniya or zero-point. It is a good time to take a ‘time out,’ a break in the action, realising that endings and beginnings are the same.

Back of the Neck: When your Moon Center is at the back of the neck, you are romantic, 2 1/2 days of Valentine’s Day. One flower can make you go crazy. You will take risks, be flirtatious and whimsical.

Best course of action: It is a good time to try out new things; it is not a good time to make important decisions—the days when the Moon Center is in the arcline or thighs are better for that.

Breasts: When the Moon Center is in the area of the breasts or nipples you are compassionate, heart-centered, intimate, and giving to the extent of foolishness. You may want to watch out for boundary issues, because you will have a harder time saying “no.”

Best course of action: It is a good time to throw a party or visit an ill friend. It is not a good time to make important personal or business decisions.

Lips: When the Moon Center is at the lips, your communication goes to the extremes. It can be either very effective or very ineffective. Your diet and spiritual practice are especially important at this time, to keep you in balance.

Best course of action: Tune into yourself, so you can determine if it is a good time to speak up or to keep silent. Your words may uplift and inspire or alienate and destroy. You need to use your sensitivity and be cautious. If you feel insecure, angry, or resentful, it’s better to keep silent. If you feel expansive and heart-centered, it’s probably safe. If in doubt, be silent and meditate before speaking.

Cheeks: When the Moon Center is in the “pinks of the cheeks”this can be a dangerous time because this is the time you will have a tendency to be emotional, commotional, and out of control.

Best course of action: Eat well, do yoga and meditate. Don’t say anything or do anything that could alienate those in your important relationships. When you want to go out of control, you need to use your discipline to be in control. Most likely whatever you feel at this time is an illusion. It will pass. It’s not a good time to make important decisions.

Eyebrows: When the Moon Center is in the eyebrows, you are very imaginative and illusionary. The Eyebrows are a most sensitive part of the woman’s body, because they are the most subtle part of the parasympathetic nervous system.

Best course of action: This is a good time to write a poem, play with a child, and brainstorm new ideas. It is a time of expansion, sowing seeds to sprout, and going beyond the ordinary. It is a good time to imagine a new business or plan of action. It is not a good time to make decisions or go on a shopping spree (you’ll buy out the store).

Strength Within, moon phases
Moon Phases, don't run from them

Charting the Moon Centers

If you watch your diet, practice yoga and meditation, and maintain a positive attitude, you can observe your emotional tendencies at each Moon Center and not be a victim to them. You can study them to better understand your personality and then use them for your benefit.

Some women can sense which Moon Center is active without help. However, you may need a pendulum to identify where your Moon Center is at, remembering that it changes every 2 1/2 days. Click here, to learn how to use a pendulum.

Keeping a journal of your experiences in each Moon Center can be very useful. It is unlikely that every woman will be the same. The descriptions above are tendencies and yours may be slightly different.

Kundalini Yoga Kriya to balance the Moon Centers

Kirtan Kriya while laying on your stomach can balance these moon centers.

(only for women)

This meditation balances the woman's moon centers, her menstrual cycle, and her zodiac moon cycle. It also balances the glandular system. It is one of the most creative and highest meditations for a woman. If practiced for 40 days or more, she can break any habit.

POSTURE: Lying on the stomach, place the chin on the ground, and keep the head straight. The arms should be along side the body, with the palms of the hands facing upwards.

MANTRA: The Panj Shabad, SAA-TAA-NAA-MAA, is the mantra used for this meditation.

Chant silently:

SAA: infinity, cosmos, beginning

TAA: life, existence

NAA: death, totality

MAA: rebirth, resurrection

EYES: The eyes are focused at the brow point. Meditate on the sound current coming in through the crown of the head and flowing out through the third eye point, creating an "L."

MUDRA: As you mentally repeat the vibration of SAA firmly press the tip of the index finger

to the tip of the thumb; on TAA press the tip of the middle finger to the thumb; on NAA press the tip of the ring finger to the thumb; and on MAA press the tip of the little finger to the thumb. The breath will regulate itself. Continue in this manner from 3-31 minutes.

"The base of society ever was, is, and ever shall be woman. Therefore, each woman has to turn her own values towards gracefulness. She has to live it, and then she has to share those values with the coming generations. That is the only way we can change life from one generation to the next." - Yogi Bhajan

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This post was made using extracts from Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Manual, level one and excerpts from

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