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My young friends and family members

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

I have a cat....I have a husband.....and I have many friends and family with children. But I myself do not have any children of my own. I look back at my life and I don't regret the decision not to have children (I have many regrets that involve late nights, alcohol and bad choices!!), but I don't regret this particular decision.

Young people today seem vulnerable and the world is so vast and open to them, that it must be an overwhelming place to exist as you learn to be you. How do you learn that you are actually an "ok" kind of you? When I was a kid there was no social media, no images informing me that my life is not as fabulous as the person next door. There is so much bombardment now days, I worry for my young friends and family members.

Prior to Kundalini Yoga I worked hard, I was successful, I earned my place in the world, but I was anxious and concerned about losing it all. Even at the ripe old age of 40, I was never really happy with who I was, so how can younger generations learn to be who they are, when surrounded by instagram pics of fabulous things they could never afford, and having bodies someone could never achieve?

Kundalini Yoga has helped me find the strength within myself to be me, that might sound silly....of course I am who I am.....but I wasn't really sure that being me was good enough. Its about resilience, and intuition....knowing you are ok, you are doing good, life will be ok.

So I say to my young friends and family, live your life, be you, and let your freak flag fly, because no one else can do you....quite like you can.

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