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Third Eye Activation

The Third Eye or Anja is located at the brow and is also known as the sixth of eight Chakras. Activating the Third Eye helps you sets goals and assess the long-range effects of your actions.   

"Why is meditation essential? By meditating we take our garbage out." Yogi Bhajan

Anja means to command and the point between the brow corresponds to the pituitary gland which is considered the master gland of the body.  The pituitary gland regulates the endocrine system of the thyroid, adrenal, and reproductive glands. The depth, frequency, pitch, rhythym, intensity and sequence of sounds created during meditation cue important changes to the function of the pituitary hormonal secretions.  Regulation of the breath can change the type and balance of hormones released in the system.

Focusing on the Third Eye point during meditation activates the pituitary gland.  

The Third Eye point generates intuition, wisdom and identity and is represented with indigo in the Chakra colours, Third Eye stimulation provides qualities of clairvoyance,concentration and determination, including the ability to recognise your purpose.

A weak Third Eye could manifest as confusion with signs of depression, rejection of spirituality and over-intellectualising.

Stimulation and activation of the Third Eye can occur with concentration at the brow point, long Ek Ong Kar chants, Kirtan Kriya, archer pose, whistle breath or any exercise where your forehead rests on the ground, such as baby pose.

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