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Why do Crystals vibrate?

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

The simple question of "why is a crystal vibrating" is actually a quantum physics reality.

Human frequency

Research published in 2016 by Fairley and Griffin found the basic human vibrational frequency is between 5 Hz and 10 Hz. Surrounding human vibrational frequency is everything else vibrating at multiple frequencies, all reacting, attracting and repelling around and off each other.

When you are feeling good and all is in order, you will be operating at your optimal frequency - you are in balance, and your vibration is in unison with the universe around you. You will feel in tune and each cell of your body vibrates at the frequency it was designed to... nothing is a problem, there is no conflict.

  • Human vibrational frequency is higher in a happy person

  • The higher the frequency, the less prone you are to disease

  • A healthy person vibrates at a higher frequency than an unhealthy person

  • Everything you do, think and say affects your bodies frequency

The cells of your body are just waiting to vibe up, as you have the ability within you to vibrate at your desired frequency - you can heal or change your perception of reality.

Crystal frequency

Everything that surrounds you is made of energy and vibrates at a different frequency. Crystals vibrate at a different frequency depending on the type, size, thickness and colour. The key to finding a crystal which manifests your goals is to be aware of what stones resonate at the frequency for what you are looking to manifest. Each crystal has its own frequency or harmonic note. Crystal energy is like ripples in a pond, creating a pulsating rhythm within, and around its physical form.

Red crystals: 

Security and grounding, protection, courage, energy - example; Red Garnet

Pink crystals:

Calm, soothe, stop distress, help with love. They smooth difficulties in relationships, help with self-love - example; Rose Quartz

Orange crystals:

For personal power, self esteem. They are connected to the Sun, attract luck and success, and assist in positive outcomes - example; Carnelian

Yellow crystals:

Communication, inspiration, protection, visualization - example; Rutilated Quartz

Green crystals:

These are for healing, luck, prosperity, grounding and balance - example; Pounamu/green stone/jade

Blue crystals:

Calm emotions, sleep, healing - example; Aquamarine

Purple crystals:

Mysticism, purification, meditation, psychic work, subconscious - example; Amethyst

White crystals:

These are ruled by the Moon. Energy distribution, spirituality, sleep, protection after dark - example; White Agate

Black crystals:

Stress management, self control, security, resilience, quiet power, grounding, peace - example; Black Onyx

Sensing your vibrational energy

Some people are naturally aware of the vibrations that are within them, and surround them.  Others may need to develop the sensitivity and intuition required to sense vibrational awareness.  Developing energetic sensitivity helps you to connect within, and allows you to listen to your intuition.    

You can learn to develop your sense of awareness by practicing with the vibrational energy within you.  

  • Rub the palms of your hands together

  • This activates the nerves endings which are energy centres in the palms

  • Slowly draw your hands apart and slowly move them back together

  • With the palms facing one another, keeping moving in and out

  • Concentrate on the palms as you move slowly

  • If you don't feel anything, keep working on this exercise

  • Develop your attunement to your vibrational frequency

  • If you feel tingling, vibrations or energy, you are attuned to your frequency

  • Then you can begin working on the quality of energy shifts or changes

Sensing crystal energy

Once you are attuned to your own vibrational energy, you can begin working with a crystal.  Use the technique above, then hold a quartz crystal in your hand.  Do you notice any subtle differences in the way the energy feels—this is the energy of the crystal.

Some people may have a natural affinity with vibrational energy, while others may need to work on their intuition and connection.  No matter where you are at with vibrational awareness, tapping into the powerful vibrational energy within you, and surrounding you in the universe, you can work through whatever it is you need help with.  

Crystals aren't magic, but they are a powerful tool to help raise your vibrational energy, and help you manifest and transform the way you think, what you feel, and what you do, allowing you to find the strength within.

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