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Are singing bowls effective?

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

Could you simply buy a singing bowl and suddenly be transported towards feelings of oneness with nature, feeling relaxed and not in need of that third cup of coffee today?

Well, studies have shown that vibrational energy work can improve your mood, reduce tension and increase your overall well-being.

Sound healing has been around for approx one thousand years and is of Persian origin, which then made its way into India, Nepal and Tibet. A traditional singing bowl is hand-hammered bronze.

Singing bowls sonic, acoustic and wave properties link to physics, which means, using a singing bowl and the improvements felt, have a scientific basis. Studies have shown singing bowls can help the emotional healing of high-risk youth as part of what was termed the best self-visualization method ( Like with all therapy, the user has to be open to the experience and allow the process to take place in and around them. But the authors of the study showed that when singing bowls were used in counselling sessions, combined with deep breathing, visualisation and a loving-kindness meditation, the participants experienced emotional and psychological healing.

A further study on sound therapy meditations found the practice improved mood, reduced anxiety and pain, and improved spiritual well-being. These studies were conducted in a sound-bath environment, where the participants lay on a yoga mat and multiple bowls and gongs were played while they rested.

But is a sound bath the same when you are giving yourself that bath!?

From my own personal experience, there is definitely a difference between immersing yourself in a sound therapy workshop, compared to sitting at your own table, or on your own yoga mat, amateurishly playing with your singing bowl. But, like all musical instruments, or healing techniques, time and a commitment to a daily practice, works it's magic.

If you could take just 5, 10 or even 20 minutes a day, being at peace with yourself, and playing your singing bowl, could bring you a sense of self-worth and help in healing your emotional trauma. Honouring the traditional heritage would be to purchase a hand-hammered bronze singing bowl, or, the more modern crystal singing bowl. Each option delivers a different experience to you.

As bronze is a very expensive material, Strength Within has acquired a supplier of traditional handmade Nepalese singing bowls - in copper. Available in 16", 18", 20" and 22" these bowls are supplied with either a cushion and leather stick (16" and 18") or a cushion, leather stick and a mallet for playing the bowl. As with anything handmade, variations occur and the tone, pitch and frequency will vary with each handmade bowl.

However, if your expectations of a specific frequency is high, and your cost capability is low, then Strength Within also has available to-order crystal singing bowls. These bowls will have an exacting pitch, tone and frequency. Crystal bowls are machine-cut and available in 432 Hz frequency for each of the chakras:

Therefore, depending on your budget, you could hold your own mini sound-bath and vibrational healing workshop, alone in your room. Manifesting the healing power of a copper or crystal singing bowl, using your own healing hands.

Science agrees:


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