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Trials of each year as they go by

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

Is anyone else running around during the year thinking "where is the year going", all the while, time is ticking away, things are getting done, but you really aren't sure how or when!? Its been a full on year so far. I did take on the challenge of starting my own business while also carrying on with my full time corporate job and doing a bachelor of business part time. So I have no one to blame but myself for this rushed feeling.

While the year has been challenging, I'm super excited to be able to stay balanced through the experience. Kundalini yoga doesn't change who you are, it doesn't make you into a better or different person, it just provides me with an ability to ground myself everyday. That grounding means that when I do experience those lows in life, I recover quickly, which is the ultimate blessing I have received.

I can still remember when I took this photo, it seems so long ago. When you are rushing you forget to feel the joy in the moment, and this photo shows one of the joys of Auckland, walking the beach on a summers day.

Summer days
Takapuna Beach, mid-summer 2018

So, if you have that rushed feeling, take a 3 minute “breath break”.

  • Sit in a relaxing position

  • Have a cup of your favourite drink (non-alcoholic is preferable)

  • Concentrate on the in breath through your nostrils

  • Concentrate on the out breath through your nostrils

  • If your drink is in a safe location, close your eyes and feel that breath

  • 3 minutes is all it takes to start working on your nervous system

If you have frazzled your nervous system, those 3 minutes can be tough to sit through. But the experience is rewarding. The ultimate goal is to increase that 3 minutes to 6 minutes, that 6 minutes to 11 minutes. But don’t worry about that. Just take that 3 minute breath break a work on relaxing into it. One day you might be ready, but if not, that’s ok too.

Experience one breath break at a time, and be kind to that nervous system if yours.

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